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Business Continuity Service

Business continuity is an ability of an organization to maintain essential functions during and after a disaster occurs. Business continuity planning builds risk management procedures to deal with interruptions and reestablish functions as quickly as possible.

Business continuity plan

During downtime, business continuity becomes necessary, which various sources can cause, including extreme weather, cyberattacks, and threats. To avoid disruptions to operations, you need to have a business continuity plan prepared.

A good business continuity plan saves money and time, and a company’s reputation. Business continuity allows you to look at your company, analyze weak points and gather information, including technical diagrams and contact lists of the system so that the data can be used outside of crisis. It also enables you to improve your organization’s technology, communication and resilience.

Build Resilient Enterprise with IT Guru’s Business Continuity Services

You don’t have to be an IT expert to create a successful business continuity plan. IT Guru can provide services to help you build a resilient business. Our Business Continuity Services are tailored to assist companies in the following areas:

  • Determining which company operations are essential and which systems, processes, or locations are at risk;
  • Calculating the effect of an interruption on your critical business functions
  • Maintaining a minimal level of downtime.

Our Business Continuity Services include:

Business Continuity Planning

Our Business Continuity Plan provides businesses with a tailored disaster recovery plan. We design a personalized Business Continuity strategy based on your organization’s specific operational environment, risk exposure, and current business continuity policies. The system is comprehensive and tailored to your company’s needs.

The Business Continuity Plan is meant to assist your company in the following areas:

  • Establish priorities and timelines for recovery. We identify and prioritize essential business activities and hazards in your present operational environment, as well as recovery timelines.
  • Make smart recovery priorities decisions. We measure the effect of potential future crises to guide smart recovery priorities decisions.
  • Comply with regulations. We adhere to the appropriate rules to protect your company from the effects of a disaster.

Business Impact Analysis

We will identify your company’s essential operations and risk exposure. Then, we calculate the potential impact of several disaster situations on your business. Our team also provides information prioritizing critical functions as part of the Business Impact Analysis depending on the cost and relevance in your industry.

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In addition to the business continuity management system, we also provide Intrusion Detection Services to make your business secure. Lets Talk