Mobile Management

Use Essential Mobile Management Tool for efficient Corporate Work

Set Your Workforce with Mobile Management Service

The mobile management tool manages the mobile device in terms of usage and security. The mobile management tool is specifically designed to enable users to work on devices with constant access to corporate resources. We ensure hi-tech support to data security in corporate sectors, manage all the information, and minimize the risks. Which takes the vital details on each device, and we track this information in case the mobile is stolen or lost. (MDM) also tracks the location by the user and by geographical location.

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Audit and cost control

The specialized feature is fully integrated with the audit and cost control feature. That handles the complete assessment of mobile voice and data usage, user profile, contracts, and other devices.

Account management

This tool is fully integrated with account management includes the dedicated account manager and help desk team. That helps in coordination and handling the corporate operations.

Application services

The tool provides real-time management tools, including devices, data, and security management.

Asset management

We ensure full support to repair any mobile application fault, replacements, asset, end-user, and device.

Advanced reporting

A highly integrated tool provides efficient monthly reporting.

Our hi-tech managed mobile service is integrated to minimise disruption, time wastage, and problem-solving. We provide expert-level advice to unlock a high level of business communication. 

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Email Management

Mobile management has taken the place of desktop computers to a large extent. In the starting days, people used the desktop to access their company’s network. But now mobile management has a new feature that is cloud. You have to log in to the cloud and all your data like applications and information. Now you can use your mobile device to work, and of course, it is easy to carry everywhere. There is only one condition that your device should have an internet connection to use the cloud feature.


We provide enrollment in Mobile management. As you can enrol your favourite device in your company, only the enrolled user of the MDM server can text you.

Using this feature, the MDM server can keep your devices secure from any issue. By enrolling your device, you can do your office or business work according to the policy (Bring your device).


Our Mobile management allows your device to access all the legal websites of the world and related to your company. That's how you don't need any desktop to do so.

We’ll provide you with the detailed device type info to see the ram and memory of the device. You can also manage to install and delete apps. That’s how you will manage your device very easily.


You can send your standard configurations to all types of mobile devices with some clicks. It’s easy for you to configure your customer’s emails and Microsoft exchange.

We can set up the WI-FI and VPN access configurations, ensuring your employees and company own appropriately configured devices.



We provide you with the best cost-effective services as your essential time you can save your time by using our services—like, sending configurations to each person needs a lot of time.

And you will never be able to see the device’s details without detailed info on the device.

mobile management Services with hi-end support

MDM is essential in these ways

  • Security
  • Enrollment
  • Service
  • Configure
  • collection

If you want to secure your device with a different issue that may be internal or external, then you should adopt the strict privacy policy of Mobile management. 

What will happen if you lose your device or steal your device and someone starts to download your essential information from your phone? What if your phone is unfortunately hacked. We have a solution for all this, and we provide you with the best security system on your phone. You can easily set a password over any application which you want. If someone stole your phone or picked your phone without your permission, he will not be able to use your essential applications.