Managed Firewall

Discover Hi-End Product for Preventive IT Care- Managed Firewall

What is a managed firewall?

Managed firewall is a third-party service that protects your network from unauthorized access and allows users to access verified data externally. The managed firewall service providers minimize the risk of outside access to network data, devices, email, servers, VPNs, e-commerce customer portals by online threat detection and prevention.

What is a managed firewall?

All businesses need some degree of cyber protection regardless of their size. A firewall plays a vital role in protecting network traffic. Most small and mid-sized companies don’t have the resources to manage their security devices, so hiring a managed firewall service provider can help close data security gaps and prevent data breaches. This allows you to focus on your core business objectives concentrating more on why you created the business in the first place.

Why Choose Us as Your Managed Firewall Service Providers?

IT Guru is a reliable firewall service provider; we use the latest technology to provide your business with the safety of the next level. We carefully analyze which infrastructure works best for your company’s needs allowing you to focus on your business competencies.

We are industry leaders, and our staff with over 20+ years of experience in cloud firewalls can add value to your business security. In addition to this, our team has been Microsoft certified since 2005, which can be an asset for your network security.

Here are the reasons to choose our services:

Same Strategy We Utilize to Secure Our Network

IT Guru uses the same four-stage approach to manage your firewalls as ours: Security, Examination, Inspection, and Mitigation. This process helps us protect your systems and ensure that they are resilient against potential threats.

We constantly monitor network activity and our safeguards in place.

We continually screen the network and ensure ourselves from any conceivable dangers.

We evaluate our security approach’s vulnerabilities by exposing them to external threats with the help of a reliable company.

With all the information we have gathered, we can take better security measures.

Emergency preparedness techniques and methods for dealing with unanticipated occurrences, including natural disasters, power outages, and cybersecurity incidents.

Add Extra Layer of Security with Cloud Firewall

A cloud firewall is a virtual protective wall surrounding applications, infrastructure, and platforms in the cloud. It also protects premises-based assets on the same platform.


Keeping your devices secure is our top priority, and we never compromise on the quality of our services.


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