Managed End Point Protection Service

 Minimize Cyber Threats with Highly Protected Managed End Point Protection Service

Managed endpoint service

Endpoint management is the practice of authenticating and supervising the access rights of endpoint devices to a network and applying security policies that prevent any external or internal threats posed by the device. Endpoint management is required for PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones that connect to networks locally or remotely.

Why do you need an Endpoint Management service?

Endpoint management provides complete visibility into the status of connections, data points and applications while collecting data that helps execute corporate policies and evaluate performance metrics across the company network. It safeguards corporate devices from cyberattacks and other external threats.

Why Choose IT Guru as your Managed Endpoint Provider

Our Endpoint Security solution protects devices that may remotely access a company’s network and devices linked via a secure internal network architecture.

IT Guru’s Security design is based on a Zero Trust strategy; our security teams continuously monitor and manage the hygiene, risk, and hardening of the entire System as part of a Zero Trust strategy.

A key reason for our partnership includes:

We also provide managed monitoring service. Want to learn more?