Vulnerability Scanning & Management

Cyber Security with Hi-End Managed Vulnerability Scanning

What is vulnerability scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is the process of examining computer networks for security flaws that expose organizations to cyber-attacks.

Hackers are continuously on the lookout for security holes that they may exploit to compromise sensitive information, steal personal data, or wreak havoc and disruption on businesses worldwide.

What causes the vulnerability?

There are many causes of Vulnerabilities like:

Misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access are more likely in complex systems.

Attackers may be familiar with commonly used code, operating systems, hardware, and software, all of which contribute to known vulnerabilities.

‍Connected devices are more prone to have vulnerabilities.

Weak and repeated passwords might result in several data breaches.

Operating systems are not immune to faults. Unsecured operating systems provide users complete access by default, making them a target for viruses and malware.

Spyware and adware can be downloaded and installed automatically on computers.


Sometimes, programmers inadvertently leave an exploitable flaw in the software.

‍If software or a website assumes that all information is safe, it may run unintended SQL injection.

Social engineering is the biggest threat to most businesses, and it can happen at any time. As a result, humans can be a significant source of vulnerability.

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Advantages of Vulnerability Management Scanning includes the following

  • Examining every aspect of the IT architecture (Hardware and Software)
  • Before a vulnerability is exploited, identify it.
  • Having a thorough grasp of risk exposures is essential.
  • Prioritizing remediation efforts.
  • Verification of vulnerability identification and remediation

Why your organization needs Managed vulnerability scanning services

About 8,000 new vulnerabilities in standard software and hardware systems are identified each year. That’s more than 20 per day. Additionally, developers and information technology teams frequently publish new code or make changes daily. With attackers continually scanning the internet for vulnerabilities that could enable them in, only a continuous scanning solution has a chance of alerting you in time.

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Protect Your Infrastructure with Managed Vulnerability Scanning

The Managed Vulnerability Scanning service from IT Guru combines the most up-to-date vulnerability scanning tools with the expertise of experienced security professionals to proactively analyze your network and provide information and direction needed to address security flaws.

Our cyber security assessment services are designed to find vulnerabilities within your organization, confirm the effectiveness of security controls and processes, and give the help and advice needed to manage security concerns.

Our evaluations are carried out by ethical hackers who have the necessary skills and experience to follow the strictest legal, honest, and technical guidelines.

Decrease risk with a wholly managed vulnerability scanning service

Our managed vulnerability scanning service is pivotal to protecting networks from malicious attacks. It keeps the pre-configuration and protection from exploitation. It helps in data protection, patching, cross-site scripting, and investigating the deep exposure of networks, web applications, or stores.

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